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known self
hidden self
blind self
the courage to disregard mediocrity.

mindfulness is best bound by no limitations.
unknown self
the ‘void’ is chock full of “no-thing.”

the path to righteousness is narrow and I am a “fat” man.
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i putt with a driver.
james anderson
executive summary
image-based linguist and social commentator, with an interest in history as a roadmap for the future. locates himself in current events to provide a platform for future studies—braiding issues of language and literacy classroom delivery with successful teacher-training strategies.

phd, language, literacy, and socio-cultural studies
university of new mexico, albuquerque

ma, art education
university of new mexico, albuquerque

ma, english as a second language
adams state college, alamosa, colorado

ba (summa cum laude), art studio and art history
western state college, gunnison, colorado