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Al Yamamah University
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Considered one of the leading universities in the country, YU is a private business school that is experiencing a period of exponential growth. With King Abdullah’s 2010 initiative to fund education throughout the Kingdom, a plethora of multi-million riyal funds have been established to facilitate the education of interested Saudi students. In response to market conditions, the university set up a Continuing Education School to meet the needs of a growing community of learners.

Mind Geysers acted in strategic partnership to develop both a range of accredited programs and create a series of first-tier systems to meet and manage logistical needs.

Efforts resulted in the organization of a highly functioning department, 450 pages of curricula, seven new courses and over 250 newly enrolled and participating students.

The program is not only a success—it is expected to be the leading revenue center for the university within fourteen months.
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